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Tutu Toi

Faigamalaga (The Journey) Print

Faigamalaga (The Journey) Print

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Faigamalaga (The Journey)


Every art print and earring set has a theme, and this pieces' theme is Navigation.

This piece represents the ma'lu or the traditional tatau from Samoan culture which is given to the women. It is placed on the hands so that the women from any island or tribe could adeptly navigate the seas.

Our ancestors were highly skilled navigators and were taught by their tipuna and elders to weave and make their way through the oceans, much like life.

The star-map intricately placed on both the left and right hands of the set shows the navigation path of the south pacific skies and even has the proper placement of the Southern Cross.

The ocean rendition of this print shows three levels of connection: the sea, the stars and man themselves.

If you are a seeker of new adventures and feel like you could do with some support or perhaps you wish one of your loved ones to have safe passage through the twists and turns of life then this set is for you.


***All our prints are carefully numbered and personally signed by the creators, adding a unique touch to each piece of art. This special attention to detail ensures that you're not just acquiring an artwork but a cherished, limited edition work of art crafted with dedication and care.

**Watermark not included on final art print product.

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