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Tutu Toi

Hoki Whenua Mai Art Print

Hoki Whenua Mai Art Print

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Hoki Whenua Mai


Our 'Hoki Whenua Mai' art print is a powerful testament to the ongoing struggle for indigenous rights and the deeply rooted connection between our people and the whenua.

The title, 'Hoki Whenua Mai,' translates to 'Land Back,' encapsulating the essence of this compelling piece.

This artwork is a poignant reflection of a global movement striving to acknowledge and restore the rights and sovereignty of indigenous communities, whose ancestral lands were taken from them through colonization and dispossession.

The rich symbolism through color usage (red, black and white) for the alternate print harkens back to the tino rangatiratanga flag and its call to unity.

The central theme of 'Hoki Whenua Mai' is the concept of land as more than just property; its an ancestor, a kaitiaki and link between ourselves tipuna and atua Maori.

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