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Tutu Toi

Hoki Whenua Mai Earring Set

Hoki Whenua Mai Earring Set

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Hoki Whenua Mai Earring Set

Our 'Hoki Whenua Mai' earring set is connected to our print and shares the same kaupapa. The kupu (words) represented here as an earring set is a powerful testament to the ongoing struggle for indigenous rights and the deeply rooted connection between our people and the whenua.

The title, 'Hoki Whenua Mai,' translates to 'Land Back,' encapsulating the essence of this compelling set of earrings.

These are a poignant reflection of a global movement striving to acknowledge and restore the rights and sovereignty of indigenous communities, whose ancestral lands were taken from them through colonization and dispossession.

**All earring sets are made by hand and there may be slight variations in the finish depending on the laser cutting machine and the ahi and te haa used when creating them.

*In alignment with our taonga longevity intention all earring sets come with a cleaning cloth, jewellrey bag and recycled cardboard pillow pack

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