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Tutu Toi

Kawakawa (Full Green) Earring Set

Kawakawa (Full Green) Earring Set

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Introducing our Kawakawa-inspired earring set: a blend of traditional Māori culture and natural wellness.

Kawakawa, is sacred Māori medicinal plant or rongoa, and is celebrated for its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. This earring set beautifully captures the essence of Kawakawa's wairua magic while showcasing what an ideal leaf may look like when the avid rongoa harvester is out picking (minus the green glitter of course!). 

These earrings not only adorn but also celebrate the cultural richness and well-being aspects of Kawakawa.

**All earring sets are made by hand and there may be slight variations in the finish depending on the laser cutting machine and the ahi and te haa used when creating them.

*In alignment with our taonga longevity intention all earring sets come with a cleaning cloth, jewellrey bag and recycled cardboard pillow pack

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