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Tutu Toi

Mārama Art Prints

Mārama Art Prints

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Black and White Mārama

Whakapapa Wāhine (Red Mārama)

Moana and the Moon (Paua)


The theme of the mārama series is Connection.

There are 12 koru's held within the kauae of the moon, representing the Gregorian 12 months of the year and in pairs of 3 - the seasons. What is also quietly shown by the absent space in the centre, is the 13th month, the 13th koru created by the negative space. This month being in alignment with some versions of the Māori interpretation of time and the months.

The choice of putting the art in what would be the kauae, or lower facial/chin region of the moon is to show the connection between the cracks on the face of the moon being deeply connected to the etchings of the taa moko of Mārama and her relationship to the ebbs and flows of the Earth.

Whakapapa Wāhine is connected to the life blood of all wāhine and represents the truth that we all came from a woman, we all whakapapa to both the first wahine and will one day return to the arms of one - Papātuānuku.

Moana and the Moon speaks to the inextricable link between the ocean, her tides and all wāhine. This print acknowledges that the sacred life waters within us are echoed and repeated by Hinemoana herself.


***All our prints are carefully numbered and personally signed by the creators, adding a unique touch to each piece of art. This special attention to detail ensures that you're not just acquiring an artwork but a cherished, limited edition work of art crafted with dedication and care.

**Watermark not included on final art print product

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