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Tutu Toi

Matariki Art Print

Matariki Art Print

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The theme of this piece is Matariki is Renewal and Reflection.

Inspired by the mahi and whakaaro of prominent Māori historians and scholars who specialise in Maori cosmology and astronomy, comes the birth of this special set of earrings.

Under the creative direction of our in-house artist - he sought to present an ancient constellation in a new light. Taking digital fabricating technology he re-imagined the night sky as an eternal cosmic tukutuku panel, holding up the world of Te Ao Marama.

Each respective star of the Matariki or Pleadies constellation adorning the panels. Every cut out star piece in the earrings represent a star in the Matariki constellation. Each detail in the earring representing the main constellation, but also the smaller stars studding the skies as we see them in Aotearoa.

This cluster of whetu signifying the Māori new year and thus renewal and its opportunities for reflection.

***All our prints are carefully numbered and personally signed by the creators, adding a unique touch to each piece of art. This special attention to detail ensures that you're not just acquiring an artwork but a cherished, limited edition work of art crafted with dedication and care.

**Watermark not included on final art print product.

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