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Tutu Toi

Pekapeka Print

Pekapeka Print

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Pekapeka Kaitiaki

The theme of this print and earring set is Protection and Balance.

Inspired and consciously created with Te Ao Maori wairua or spiritual influences - these earrings are so much more than just a set of jewellery or an art print.

Imbued with the matauranga (knowledge) of Tutu Toi's collaborators - pekapeka is your guardian taniwha. It is also a representation of two becoming one as when the pieces are placed together it forms a whole face, a whole being.

A balancing set and print that is meant to represent the ying and yang, white and black, mā and kino, masculine and feminine, the dual faces of Io Matua Kore. In Te Reo Maori, 'pekapeka' is the word for bat. In the old lore, bats represented intuitive gifts, and vision - as bats could use their extra-sensory abilities to navigate in the pitch black.

We imagined that the wearer's of this taonga or whomever places this piece in their whare or space would be afforded guardian, a kaitiaki.

Let the taniwha at your ears or in your art collection offer guidance when you need it, protection if you feel vulnerable and mana as they stand watch over you, as you navigate Te Ao Marama.

***All our prints are carefully numbered and personally signed by the creators, adding a unique touch to each piece of art. This special attention to detail ensures that you're not just acquiring an artwork but a cherished, limited edition work of art crafted with dedication and care.

**Watermark not included on final art print product


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