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Tutu Toi

Taaniko Print

Taaniko Print

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The theme of this print and earring set is Achievement.

Throughout modern and ancient history, Maori have used the taaniko design to express ideas, whakapapa, history, values, progress and hopes for the future.

This set was loved into creation with the wahine in mind, but also appreciating that we all go through these phases in life.

Taaniko shows the transition, the building, the learning, and the growth to one day achieve the goals of your heart. The smaller triangular pieces signifying the steps you may take to get there, all leading to the ultimate goal.

As wahine (and tane), we may take this journey many times in our lives with various kaupapa or objectives in mind. This design speaks to the truth that ultimately, the intricacies of our many experiences contribute to who we are.

***All our prints are carefully numbered and personally signed by the creators, adding a unique touch to each piece of art. This special attention to detail ensures that you're not just acquiring an artwork but a cherished, limited edition work of art crafted with dedication and care.

**Watermark not included on final art print product.

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