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Tutu Toi

Tohu 3 - Taurua & Ngahorihori Reunion Earring Set

Tohu 3 - Taurua & Ngahorihori Reunion Earring Set

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Tohu 3 - Taurua & Ngahorihori Reunion Earring Set

In collaboration with a small business rooted in the lineage of Taurua and Ngahorihori -Tutu Toi has drawn inspiration from Te Utanga Tautuhi's design to create five unique sets of mau taringa for the April 2024 reunion.

Both the reunion komiti and Tutu Toi extend a warm invitation to all whanau to purchase earrings through the website, whether attending the reunion or not. Tutu Toi and will hand assemble and send out your taonga.

Proceeds from the sale of these designs will be contributed back to the marae.


  • Order earring sets between April 6-9 for delivery by April 10 [in time for the reunion] 
  • Sets ordered after April 10 will be shipped to your home address. 
  • Family members unable to attend reunion are welcome to order.
  • Any whanau from Australia or other countries wishing for their orders to get shipped to them can email Skye at: to organise shipment and payment.

**All earring sets are made by hand and there may be slight variations in the finish depending on the laser cutting machine and the ahi and te haa used when creating them. 

*In alignment with our taonga longevity intention all earring sets come with a jewellery bag.

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